About Us

In accordance with a decision made by the South East  Asian Public Health Institutions Network (SEAPHEIN)  was established in 2004, the Sri Lanka Chapter of the  Network , LANKAPHEIN was inaugurated on the 22nd September 2008, during the Annual Academic Ses 

sions of the College of Community Physicians of Sri  Lanka. The first meeting of LANKAPHEIN was held  on 03rd November 2008.  

The meeting was chaired by Prof. A.R. Wick ramasinghe President, The College of Community Phy sicians of Sri Lanka and Prof. Dulitha Fernando focal  point for Sri Lanka to the SEAPHEIN (South East Asia  Public Health Education Institutes Network). Prof. Has bulla Thabrany, current Chairperson of SEAPHEIN and  Dr. Agostinno Borra, Country Representative to Sri  Lanka, World Health organization participated as the  guests of honour. Invitees from medical faculties that  conduct training programmes on public health, units of  Ministry of health that provide training in public health  and individuals who have made a significant contribu tion to public health education and training in the coun try were present at the meeting. 

Prof. A.R. Wickramasinghe welcomed the gathering.  Prof. Thabrany explained the aims, goals and activities  of the SEAPHEIN. Dr. Agostinno Borra congratulated  Sri Lanka for taking up the initiative to establish a pub 

lic health education institutes‟ network and pledged the  support of World Health Organization in the coming  years. Prof. Dulitha Fernando, explained the history of  SEAPHEIN and its activities and the objectives of the  local networks to be established in the member coun 


Prof. A.R. Wickramasinghe read out the Charter of  LANKAPHEIN which was formally adopted. According to the charter the secretariat of LANKAPHEIN will  function under the auspices of the College of Physicians  in Sri Lanka for the initial three years and will be lo cated at the Pubic Health Lounge.


To be a collaborative network of Public Health Educa tion Institutes in Sri Lanka for strengthening Public  Health capacity. 


To promote collaboration for partnership of Sri Lankan  member institutes to improve and sustain the quality  and relevance of Public Health education to address the  increasing challenges for the improvement of health in  Sri Lanka.