A public health educational institute is defined as an institute or a Faculty of a University having a Depart ment of Community Medicine/Public Health or equiva lent that provides education or training in public health as a main function or engages in such activities as a substantial part of its routine work. Units in the Minis try of Health providing education or training in public health may be considered as independent institutes.

Types of Members

Ordinary members

The following may become ordinary members on appli cation and approval of the Steering Committee of LANKAPHEIN

A Faculty in an University that conducts programmes on Public Health An unit of the Health Ministry that provides in Public Health or is engaged in teaching or training in Public Health Other institutes that engage in teaching or training in Public Health as a substantial function.

Affiliate members: 

An institute that engages in teaching or training in Pub lic Health as a minor function may be invited to be an affiliate member.

Honorary members:

Honorary Membership may be granted to an official holding an important position related to education and training in Public Health or to an individual who has made a significant contribution to Public Health in Sri Lanka.

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